Harbor Freight Truck Bed Extender Review

Today we are going to be talking about the Harbor Freight Truck Bed extender. Also known as the Haul-master truck bed extender. The Harbor Freight Truck bed extender is designed to do exactly what is says. It will slide into your trucks trailer hitch receiver and extend your trucks bed approximately 3 feet.

The pickup bed extender is especially necessary if your truck bed is shorter. My particular truck, a Nissan Frontier, has a bed length of less than five feet. I’m an avid kayak fisherman who uses a 13 feet long kayak. Without a tailgate extender for my truck, it would not only be impractical, but also unsafe to haul my kayak long distances.

Another reason I purchased the Harbor Freight truck bed extender is to haul longer pieces of lumber. Hauling lumber was the reason the hitch bed extender was designed, and it does a great job at it.

Harbor Freight Truck Bed Extender

I was apprehensive getting the Harbor Freight truck bed extender. I regularly purchase different tools and materials from Harbor Freight. This purchase was just a bit different. With the hitch bed extender hanging off the back of my truck, I really wanted to make sure it was good enough quality. The last thing I ever want is for the truck bed extender to fail and hurt someone if it comes off the truck.

Nevertheless, I went and purchased the Harbor Freight truck bed extender. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box. The Haul-Master truck bed extender box said it weighed 30 pounds. This helped to ease my mind some about the quality. I was expecting some flimsy pieces of metal with holes drilled into it. What I got was a box that was quite heavy that only included the truck bed extender.

As I said earlier, the main reason I bought the Harbor Freight truck bed extender was for hauling my fishing kayak around. The day I bought the hitch bed extender was also the day I was going to get a new fishing kayak. I had read up on different tailgate bed extenders and most said to get some adhesive reflectors to stick on the extender. I ordered some from Amazon previously here – Swpeet 20Pcs Universal Red Plastic Rectangular Stick-on.

The Harbor Freight truck bed extender comes in 2 pieces out of the box. It’s an extremely simple design with very few points for potential failure. The 2 pieces of the hitch bed extender go together with the same pins you would use for a trailer hitch receiver. They feel high quality and eased my mind about the potential for failure.

The tailgate bed extender itself is made from steel and you can tell it when you pick it up. The 2 pieces of the extender weigh about 15 pounds a piece. The Harbor Freight truck bed extender has 5 height adjustments. To change the height you just have to move the cross bar up or down, and place the pin back into the hole.

The cross bar has 2 welded tie down loops for securing your load. When I went to pick up my fishing kayak, the loops supported a ratchet strap with no problems for over 2 hours.

The pickup bed extender does have a small amount of play in the pieces. All of this play goes away when you put any type of load on it. I don’t recommend having it connected without a load on it if you don’t want your truck rattling.

The only draw back with the Harbor Freight truck bed extender is potential ground clearance issues. My driveway is steeper than most and I have to pull my truck onto the street or the pickup bed extender will scrape the ground. My truck sits lower than most pickups so you shouldn’t have any major issues with scraping. Just be mindful of the fact.

Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the Harbor Freight Truck Bed Extender. It’s affordable at $65, and is well built. I really feel Harbor Freight did a good job with this truck bed extender. It is well made with a simple design, so it’s easy to take a part and put it in your bed or truck. Just don’t forget to tie a red flag onto any load that sticks out further than 4 feet from the back of your truck.

Boonedox Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender

If you are worried about ground clearance issues, they do make hitch bed extenders that have a taper upward for that very reason. One of the most popular tailgate bed extenders is the Boonedox Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender. It’s available on Amazon and will eliminate all of your ground clearance worries. The Boonedox Groovy T-Bone pick up bed extender is also a little more expensive than the Harbor Freight truck bed extender.

As I said earlier, the entire reason I purchased the Harbor Freight truck bed extender was to haul my fishing kayak around. If kayak fishing is something you think you would be interested in, we have a great article on how to choose the best fishing kayak here https://thesavagecamper.com/how-to-choose-the-best-fishing-kayak-for-you/.

In the article we also go over kayak transportation with more than a bed extender. Even if you have a car, you can still easily transport your kayak. The harbor freight truck bed extender just makes it incredibly easy to do in a truck.

The Harbor Freight truck bed extender is available from Harbor Freight online at https://www.harborfreight.com/truck-bed-extender-69650.html. Or can be purchased from any Harbor Freight store near you.

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