Agawa Boreal24 Folding Bow Saw kit Review

The AGAWA – BOREAL24 Backwoods folding bow saw is one of the best camping bow saws on the market. The folding bow saw is available in 2 colors, black frame with green handle, and black frame with yellow handle. The AGAWA – BOREAL24 kit can be purchased on Amazon for $145. Or the saw alone can be purchased for $80 here AGAWA – BOREAL24.

The Agawa Boreal24 folding bow saw kit includes a rugged cordura bow saw sheath, as well as an extra 24″ aggressive bow saw blade. If you are on a budget, the standalone folding bow saw will be able to fulfill the same mission as the kit. The Boreal24 is designed to fold up and fit into any backpack with, or without a sheath. The sheath will offer the other items in your backpack as much protection from the bow saw blade as the bow saw blade from the items.

Boreal24 Folding Bow Saw In Action

The Agawa Boreal 24 bow saw is a lightweight, easily packable folding bow saw. The saws dimensions are 24.5 x 1 x 2 inches. The Boreal 24 camping saw weighs 1.3lbs, while the whole kit weighs 1.4lbs.

The first thing about the Agawa Boreal 24 bow saw that we noticed, was how easily the saw folded out. Once the camping bow saw popped into place, it was ready to start cutting.

We took the Boreal24 into the forest behind our home to do some test cuts before a backcountry camping trip we had planned. We live in South Carolina so there are a lot pine, oak, and maple trees. We didn’t want to harm any healthy trees, so we focused on fallen branches and dead trees.

The first tree we came across was a dead pine tree that had fallen over after a bad storm a few months back. The tree was small and the spot I chose to cut was around 4 inches in diameter. The Boreal 24 cut through the 4 inch tree within 30 seconds or so. I used next to no pressure on the saw, and let the blade do all of the work.

I was thoroughly impressed with the folding bow saw now, and wanted to see exactly what is was capable of. We found a giant oak tree branch that had fallen a few years ago. I picked a spot where the branch was around 8 inches in diameter and started my cut. In just a little over a minute the bow saw had cut through the 8 inch branch.

Agawa Boreal 24 Folding Bow Saw

Most people will never cut through and 8 inch oak branch with a folding bow saw. At least we know it will do it if we ever need it to. The Boreal 24 definitely passed my cutting test, and the frame feels sturdy enough to survive all of our outdoor adventures. My main takeaway from the test, is that the blade is by far the most important part of this camping bow saw. The frame of the Boreal24 is just the guide for the blade.

Make sure to protect the folding bow saw blade and it will cut whatever you would like it to. Once I was done cutting with the camping bow saw. It broke down to about the size of a standard machete. I brought it in my hiking backpack without any issues. If you are looking for a good bushcraft bag, we have a great article on them here

The Agawa Boreal24 folding bow saw could be used in a multitude of different situations. You could place it in a canoe, backpack, or use it for hunting. The bow saw is lightweight enough to be a no brainer to bring on your trip. The bow saws high clearance frame allows for large diameter cuts, and is designed for efficient saw strokes.

The folding bow saw is durable with an anodized 6063 aluminum frame, fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, all stainless steel hardware, hardened and coated saw blades. The blade’s length is optimally sized for powerful sawing strokes, and yet short enough for packability.

The BOREAL is a pleasure to use. It’s light, very well balanced, has sufficient blade length to make ample power strokes, and the aggressively angled teeth on the blade cut quickly and smoothly. Blade tensioning is automatic, reproducible and set to provide optimal sawing performance every time. No tools required for assembly or blade changes.

Boreal 24 Camping Bow Saw

The blades are Swedish made with rust protective coating. Raker all purpose tooth pattern. Impulse hardening on the blades for increased durability.

All in all, I am incredibly happy with the AGAWA – BOREAL24. The folding bow saw perfectly fits my needs. My primary uses for the camping bow saw are cutting firewood, building bushcraft structures, and general trail clearing. The bow saw should be able to tackle these quite easily.

One of my favorite features of this saw, is just how lightweight and small the footprint is. It takes up next to no space in my bushcraft backpack, and weighs next to nothing. Then, when you take it out and start cutting, it’s like having a chainsaw with you. The Boreal 24 really packs a punch to take up such a small amount of space.

We’ve reviewed quite a few folding bow saws here at The Savage Camper. The Boreal 24 is still one of our favorites. The punch this small saw packs is something impossible to ignore. Therefore we highly recommend this saw to anyone that needs a lightweight, compact, folding bow saw that still will cut almost anything you need it to cut.

The AGAWA – BOREAL24 Backwoods KIT can be purchased from Amazon Here. We have done a complete article on some of the best folding bow saws on the market here This article includes all of our favorite folding camping bow saws we have tried and tested during our outdoor adventures.

Overall we highly recommend the Agawa Boreal24 Folding Bow Saw. We feel it is one of the best folding bow saws on the market. We will be taking it on our next camping adventure and think you should too. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again soon.

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